WIP level

We're working on a level for the upcoming DLC :D (which will be free for all who buy the game in July). It's a ruin at the beach (the framerate sucks cos I record it directly from the Unity Edtitor), oh, I love ruins and I love the sea too, I wanna be at the beach right now so bad T.T. You will have a new ability at this level, what's that? I will tell you later :p

This is how levels are made

Yeah, I wish it was this fast and simple :D but actually, we have to test and rebuild and refine a lot to get a satisfying result. A mesh is prepared in 3dsMax then exported to Unity, then we will add collider mesh to it (the wireframe boxes) sometimes add some other components also, form a Unity prefab, then we can re-use it everywhere in the level.


Let's take a closer look at Leviathan on Sketchfab (lower texture resolution than in-game though) :D He's level 1 boss, Triar's big Worm, he was sent to eat you up, he will occasionally attack you on the way to the end of the level also so, be careful! :D

Polish the lever

In the game, you will meet a large number of old-school Tomb Raider levers to open doors and gates or operate some ancient machines. Cos you will see them frequently we want to add some lil more details into the models. We've rigged and animated the reliefs so when you pull the lever, the two bronze men will get on their knees and bow to you! Pretty cool huh, in the video you will see how it was made :D

ZekGame Logo

Hello everyone, welcome to our dev blog and yayyyy, this is our logo video :D